Josh Heathcote

2 September 2020

With a rich and varied career spanning over 16 years, Joshua Heathcote has worked within high-performance roles spanning across several countries in a range of industries including Mining, Financial Services and the Property Industry to deliver outstanding results.

Joshua is a multi-disciplined executive and the founding director of Valeo Property Group. As founding director, Joshua has set himself apart as an expert in finance structuring experience, as well as working with residential and commercial property. His regular tasks include overseeing the business operations and seeking out opportunities for its growth and development. This is achieved by looking at more innovative ways to develop growing communities.
After building a successful financial services company specialised in Debt Funding and restructuring and Capital Raising, This provided the perfect place to round out his knowledge and fundamentals in property economics.

Joshua is a dynamic and innovative professional who is driven to create an industry-leading difference and provide a competitive edge in a competitive market. Joshua recognises the value of setting up a strong team and building cohesion between end-user experience and facilitating the process as this will provide organisations an enhanced value proposition to access previously hidden or inaccessible markets.

With a vast experience in diverse industries including mining, financial services, retail and technology Joshuas has fostered a deep understanding of business and business processes, specifically the importance of aligning people, places and technology to create optimal outcomes which allows for developments to build better homes and better communities for society.

Joshua has the ability to understand the financial side as well as user experience through user experience which has resulted in an ability to build strong relationships and understand the unique ‘pain points’ within processes thereby, identify opportunities to simplify a process in a manner that is innovative, transparent and seamless.

Joshua has built a solid network which he utilises to enhance project management, site evaluation, finance and capital raising.

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