Retail Property Services

Specialised retail knowledge and expertise to minimise risks and maximise your returns


We work with Developers, Owners and Occupiers with a specialised focus on high street shop leasing, mixed use and convenience retail project leasing, neighbourhood shopping centre leasing and asset management. We provide strategic advisory in all aspects of the retail property lifecycle including:

  • Site selection
  • Site acquisition
  • Project Marketing
  • Retail Leasing
  • Asset Management
  • Divestment

We believe the successful delivery of retail leasing services is determined by the leasing team’s ability to work with the project team principally the asset manager to create a compelling tenancy mix for customers with a strong focus on right tenant, right location and the highest and best use for each tenancy.

Collaboratively with clients Valeo maintain a focused commitment to meet milestones and objectives and identify and address key and opportunities and risks faced presented to your asset. We are client focused to deliver a tailored leasing strategy for each property and tenancy to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Proactive Retail Leasing Agents

In short we put in the work to go the extra mile for you clients to explore every opportunity fully. Effective Retail Leasing is more than putting a sign up and placing an online ad. We pound the pavement, canvassing local businesses within your Extended Trade Area, multi-location retailers in your region and national tenants to identify the best available tenants to fill your vacancies and future developments. We leverage our active database of tenants and populate your property with its own database of local, regional and national tenants and religiously follow them up until we secure you the right tenants in the right location within your centre on the best possible set of commercial terms.


Strategic Leasing Review

This is where the majority of our time is spent prior to commencing marketing your Centre for lease. As part of this process we will discuss with you and assess the following:

  • We review your Centres current tenancy schedule and tenancy mix to identify gaps;
  • Right Tenant Right Location analysis;
  • Competitive analysis;
  • Upcoming expiries & renewals;
  • Sales and occupancy cost analysis;
  • Backfilling of underperforming tenants with better operators to reduce potential lost income;
  • Demographic and trend analysis;
  • Target uses and target tenants;
  • Town planning;
  • Concept design/renders;
  • Income, incentive and tenancy readiness budgets.

Retail Leasing Marketing

We have expertise in marketing retail assets to retailers by putting together a compelling narrative for your centre being an ideal location for your desired tenants. We use a strong focus on demographic data and gaps analysis and provide a compelling marketing pitch for your retail asset to tenant.

Retail Centre Marketing

Our Centre Marketing team can provide you with websites, social media and traditional advertising campaigns to increase the awareness of your centre with national and local businesses and local residents in your trade area.

Project Management

Being an effective retail leasing agent

Tenancy Coordination

We can provide you tenancy coordination services to manage your incoming tenants

Annual Strategic Reviews

We review your leasing strategy with your Asset Manager and Centre Manager annually to ensure the strategy for upcoming renewals and expiries is addressed as part of the strategic review of the centre’s leasing opportunities and threats. We adjust the leasing marketing strategy and targeting of tenants to suit the strategic needs of the centre.

Regularly Reporting

We provide regularly fortnightly reporting on all leasing activities to the asset manager and work strategically with the Centre Manager and Asset Manager to achieve the leasing objectives for the centre.

Feasibility & Strategic Analysis

If you are considering a development, redevelopment or remixing of a Centre we can provide strategic advice around income projections, incentive budgets, landlord contributions and other costs to lease the Centre. We will lead your team through a full feasibility review to ensure time and capital aren’t wasted on projects that are simply not commercially or technically viable. Diligent application of feasibility principles will build the project’s commercial and operational backbone and act as an instrument in securing funding and commencement.

Valeo Property Group provide bespoke property and portfolio management services to retail property asset owners including property holding companies, local authorities, financial institutions, investment trusts, charities, private investors, developers and owner occupiers.

Our Centre & Property Managers have experience in managing property in all retail property sectors including High Street Strip Retail, Retail Convenience Centres, Neighbourhood & Sub Regional Shopping Centres, Bulky Goods Retail Centres, Medical & Health Centres, Hospitality & Leisure, Mixed Use Development, Showrooms and Standalone Retail sites across Queensland. Our commercial property service has three aims:

  • To take care of the day to day management of your property portfolio.
  • To maximise your investment by identifying suitable opportunities and unlocking the potential for additional income and value.
  • To minimise your exposure to risk, whether financial, statutory or health & safety

Our team of property professionals includes property and asset managers, leasing assets, accountants, facility managers and marketing and administrative professionals. Whatever your goal we will work with you to build a strategy, operating as a trusted advisor to ensure the best possible outcome for each asset in your portfolio is achieved.

Building your property portfolio

If your ultimate goal is to expand your property portfolio we are perfectly placed to help. We have an excellent track record of buying and selling commercial, retail, industrial, medical and healthcare, mixed use property and development sites. We will work with you to define the criteria and conduct an in-depth analysis on any potential properties. This includes looking at opportunities to add value through asset management. We will negotiate the best possible terms and oversee all transactions through to legal or operational completion.

Asset management – is your property manager working hard enough?

Alongside the day to day management of your portfolio, it’s important to understand if your property is achieving your ultimate objectives and being effectively operated or developed to maximise it’s potential. With the right commercial advice and strategic adjustments it can make a big difference to your investment. We have considerable expertise in adding value, and a proven track record of creating and implementing turnaround strategies for poor performing assets.

Added value opportunities

  • Development and planning opportunities
  • Implement added leasing and alternative income value strategies
  • Leasing Market knowledge
  • Understanding of investment principles
  • Understanding local investment market metrics

Valeo Property Group offer comprehensive real estate services to clients looking to acquire or divest retail property as consultants or agents. We assist with helping you achieve the best possible outcome and guide you every step of the way through the transaction.

We work with with you to employ our Queensland market expertise of shopping centres and retail assets to help you maximise the opportunity and protect your risks on your investments.

We can help deliver you a superior outcome through:

  • Sales and acquisitions consultancy and agency;
  • Expertise in sale and leaseback
  • Sourcing, acquisition, development management and divestment
  • Strata sales projects
  • Buy side advisory including asset and leasing strategies, market research, property management due diligence, commercial development opportunity assessment and other risk analysis.

Valeo Property Group offer comprehensive real estate services to both investor and occupier clients. Our project teams have highly experienced personnel who effectively manage complex projects. The team achieves this through the evaluation, planning, and execution of various strategies, including acquisition, disposal, design and construction, town & master planning, financing and feasibility, project leasing and development which enables our clients to achieve the greatest value for its real estate.

Our Services to Landowners

Valeo Property Group partner with Landowners to unlock the potential value of their landholdings through identifying development or redevelopment opportunities. We provide our expertise in project design and development, leasing and construction management to assist landholders without the in house expertise to develop their landholdings who wish to continue to hold an ongoing interest in the property rather than having to sell the property to a third party. By unlocking the value in the property Valeo assist landowners in maximising the potential returns and performance from their landholdings. If you site has surplus land or could benefit from an intensification or change of use then please speak with us about your property.

Our initial work with Landholders includes:

  • Reviewing the Asset Strategy including asset performance, operating expenditures, current utilisation and potential development opportunities
  • Highest and best use analysis
  • Town planning analysis
  • Demographic and demand analysis
  • Gaps analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • High level feasibility analysis including development and construction costings, income, leasing and incentive estimates.

If the opportunity looks prospective Valeo works with clients on a professional fee for service basis with a performance incentive linked to delivering the agreement objectives on time and on budget.

Our Services to Developers & Investors

Valeo Property Group partner with developers, financiers, and investors to deliver a turnkey development management service. Our service is of benefit to developers who need development management expertise in areas outside of their usual expertise to full realising the potential of a development opportunity. Our expertise includes retail, medical and healthcare, commercial and aged and disability care developments.

We assist investors and financiers in maximising the returns from their investments by providing local property and construction expertise to assist them meeting their financial objectives.

Our Services to Occupiers

If you are looking for a scalable solution to growing your organisations property footprint then Valeo Property Group can assist in providing a turnkey development solution for your organisation.

  • Develop, sell and leaseback, owner-occupier or hybrid development models available.
  • Right location analysis
  • Demographic, traffic and gaps analysis
  • Needs analysis

Why Valeo?

Valeo are:

  • Experts in identifying and exploiting real estate development opportunities in the most efficient possible manner through the decision-making process of each project.
  • Have expertise in managing all aspects of the development process for all commercial property types.
  • Local presence, experience and relationships in Queensland.
  • Development services fees and transaction model adaptable to client financial execution
  • A professional process drive approach to decision making and risk management

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